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BlingGuard products are genius! The ring guards give me peace of mind that my rings will stay on my finger during my workouts and the earring backs make my heavy earrings lighter and much more comfortable! These products are a must!

— Rebecca L.

I have never been able to wear rings without them flipping over due to my knuckles being larger than my actual ring size. I came across BlingGuard ad and ordered them. Couldn't be happier!

— Agata D.

BlingDots have become an everyday staple for me. Whether I am wearing small or big earrings - the BlingDots make them look and fee great!

— Tracy K.

My knuckles are bigger than my fingers so my rings are just a little too big on my hands. BlingWraps fixed my problem - now all of my rings fit and I can wear rings I haven't worn in years…it’s like I doubled my ring collection!

— Jeanie S.

I used the BlingWraps on a wide band ring that was a little loose on my finger and loved how it held my ring in place. I stopped fidgeting with it to fix it. And the wrap was so comfortable I forgot it was on my finger.

— Kasey K.

I have a high-end jewelry consulting firm and not only do I work with every designer and manufacturer in the industry - I'm constantly around retailers and their clients. BlingGuard changes EVERYTHING. Once a woman uses this product her earring and ring choices are limitless. I'd like to see retailers give BlingGuard products with every earring and ring purchase. I'm a huge fan! On a personal note - I can now wear the heaviest of earrings with ease and that makes me very happy!

— Beth Anne B.

I use the earring backs every day. They have completely changed the way my earrings hang and look. I also just love the ring guard, it holds my rings in place so they are not twisting on my finger. All the products are wonderful and I recommend them to all of my friends.

— Tracy S.

My earring holes stretched and became slits from wearing heavy earrings. I didn't like the way it looked and just stopped wearing my earrings - but now I can. When I use BlingDots, I can wear all the fashionable and statement earrings I want without my earring holes stretching and looking and feeling uncomfortable.

— Barbara B.

What a quick and easy fix. BlingGuard stopped my ring from spinning as soon as I put it on!

— Molly F.

I have been in the jewelry business for 26 years, I have never seen a product like this. GENIUS!

— David W.