The Product

Introducing new BlingWraps, Invisible Ring Guards.  These innovative ring sizer adjustors keep your rings in place AND looking fabulous.  BlingWraps are designed with a patented, contoured bridge that adds 1 plus ring sizes to your finger and forms an invisible “padlock” to hold your rings in place.

One size fits most ring sizes, and its transparent, matte finish blends so seamlessly and comfortably around your finger that you’ll forget it’s even there. With just the wrap of a simple band, your rings look beautiful, and you are worry free!

  • Patented technology
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable, like a second skin
  • Invisible
  • Disposable
  • Hypoallergenic / Latex-free
  • For most ring sizes
  • For all skin types

$14.99 for 30 disposable bands

The Technology

The band and contoured bridge were designed by industrial engineers and chemists.  BlingWraps utilize a specially engineered thermo-plastic which is soft and pliant.  The band stretches but then springs back to shape.  It is transparent with a non-reflective matte finish which makes it virtually invisible on any skin tone.  The 180-degree contours of the bridge and the non-skid surface of the band form an invisible 'padlock' to hold your ring in place and to help prevent it from sliding or spinning.

The Application

Easy to apply: Just peel back the label and wrap the band around your finger. Wear it in two ways:

1. Under your ring:

2. Just in front of your ring:

Replace daily.