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Do BlingDots work with clip-on earrings?

BlingDots do work with clip-on earrings.  Simply place a BlingDot on the back of each earlobe and place the clip-on earrings on your ears as you would normally.

Should I ever wear BlingDots on the front of my earlobes?

If your earrings are large enough to cover BlingDots on the front of your earlobes, you will find that wearing one BlingDot on the front AND one on the back of the earlobe can provide significant additional support.

Do BlingDots work with heavy earrings?

BlingDots do work with heavy earrings. For extra heavy earrings, you may find it helpful to use two BlingDots per ear (one on top of the other).

What are BlingDots made of?

BlingDots are made of a medical-grade hypoallergenic and latex-free polymeric foam material coated with a hypoallergenic and latex-free pressure sensitive adhesive.

Are BlingDots safe for sensitive skin?

BlingDots are hypoallergenic and latex-free and are made using medical-grade materials and adhesives.  They should not be applied to irritated or damaged skin.  If, during wear, irritation, redness or discomfort of the skin occurs, discontinue use.

How long can BlingDots be worn?

BlingDots are designed to be replaced daily.

Are BlingDots safe to wear?

BlingDots are made of medical-grade hypoallergenic, latex-free foam and a medical-grade hypoallergenic and latex-free adhesive.  However, they should not be applied to damaged or irritated skin.  Should redness or discomfort arise, discontinue use. 

Can BlingDots get wet?

In most cases, you can wear BlingDots in hot and cold weather or wet or dry conditions.  However, BlingDots have not been tested in all types of water nor under every type of wet condition.  When in doubt, check your product in use.

How visible are BlingDots?

BlingDots are discreet and disappear when placed behind the earlobes.

How do you apply BlingDots?

Peel a BlingDot off the card backing and press the adhesive side gently against the back of your ear lobe.  Follow by inserting your earring post through the earlobe hole and the BlingDot, and then place the earring backing on as you would normally.

Can I use BlingDots for all of my earrings?

BlingDots are designed for your favorite chandelier, hoop or stud earrings.  They are designed specifically for pierced earrings, but they may also make clip-on earrings more comfortable.

What are BlingDots?

Easy to apply, these discreet, disposable earring backs are designed to relieve the pressure of earrings, while positioning them perfectly and comfortably on your ears.  No tugging, no pulling, no drooping, no turning.

Will BlingWraps keep me from losing my ring?

BlingWraps are designed to hold your rings in place and to keep them from spinning, sliding and twisting on your finger.  While they provide added protection, no product can guarantee that ring loss will not occur.

What are BlingWraps made of?

BlingWraps are made with a medical-grade hypoallergenic and latex-free polymeric material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.

Do BlingWraps contain latex?

BlingWraps do not contain latex.

Are BlingWraps safe for sensitive skin?

BlingWraps are made from medical-grade materials which are hypoallergenic and latex-free.  They should not be applied to irritated or damaged skin. If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use.

Can BlingWraps get wet?

BlingWraps are designed to be worn all day long, in wet or dry conditions.  However, water conditions vary and in some circumstances the bands or adhesives may cease to function.  In such cases, special precautions should be taken to safeguard your rings.

How long should BlingWraps be worn?

BlingWraps are designed to be replaced daily.

Can I see BlingWraps on my finger?

BlingWraps are clear, matte bands that disappear on your finger.

How do you apply BlingWraps?

Simply lift a band off the card, peel off the backing and place the band around your finger with the center of the band at the top of the finger.  Slide your ring in place over the band to lock your ring in place.  No more slipping, sliding or spinning.  For added protection, you can slide your ring in place first, and then apply the band between your ring and your knuckle.

What are BlingWraps?

BlingWraps are transparent, comfortable bands that when placed on the finger and under your rings keep your rings in place and looking fabulous.