Beauty Shorts: Loving This Right Now - October

Finally, here is a secret you have to know about. I have a torn ear lobe from when one of my childhood BFFs was jealous my ears were pierced and she tried to pull it out in my sleep (that's not the secret). So I have one ear piercing that droops. I avoid heavy earrings and little studs because they look lame in my ear. In fact, I end up wearing most earrings in my second ear piercings, which isn't ideal. I've tried Wonderlobe or whatever that purple box in the drugstore is called and while they help, they are so thin they don't do much. If they do help, it's not for long. Know what works, supports the ear and goes the distance? Blingdots. These thick, cushiony little pillows of support hold up your earrings and make your ears look almost perfect. Forget getting your ears surgically fixed. This works pretty well, is really comfortable and is even easy on the wallet.


OK Magazine Sept 24 issue

Found the perfect bling but it doesn't quite fit? Prevent loose rings from slipping off and stabilize heavy earrings with disposable stickers.


Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection Instantly with Blinguard

This is one of those products that you get excited about because it simply works. And works well. It's called Blinguard, and it will let you wear your current jewelry collection in a whole new way. Blinguard is a line of jewelry protectors that keep your rings and earrings in place and secure. They currently offer two items: Blingdots and Blingwraps.

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