I always notice jewelry trends with admiration—I am one of those jewelry “traditionalists” with a few classic pieces that I wear every day.   As a result, it takes me a long time to pick out new jewelry. With that said, it is fun to read about the latest trends and I definitely appreciate people who can rock them.

Here are a few trends that I actually think I might try:

  • Multiple necklaces.   A Facebook friend posted about this recently, and I thought “Hey, there is one I could try!”  This is where you put on multiple necklaces of different lengths.  Since most of my jewelry is white gold (or silver), it would all go together.  I just need to get a longer-length chain to make this one happen.
  • Druzy jewelry.  These crystal stones look like the inside of a geode.  They come in variety of colors - from lavendar, ivory to the lightest pinks - making it easy to work them into almost any look.  In fact, my favorite all black outfits would go perfectly with any of them. You can find  Druzy used in earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets.  I really love the look of Cimber Designs - Kelly the designer makes great pieces that are cool and pretty.
  • Chunky bracelets.  Big, jeweled statement bracelets and bangles are back.  These are an easy way to add some sizzle to any look.  I am always running a few minutes late and having an interesting conversation piece that can make my jeans and t-shirts look a little more fabulous could definitely work for me.  Big bangles - here I come!

What about you—are you a traditionalist, and do you need to join me in spicing up your jewelry profile? What new trend are you up for?

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