How Big is Too Big When it Comes to Engagement Rings?

I have a friend of a friend who got engaged recently, and I have to say, I think her ring is (gasp)….too big.  I’m sorry!  It’s too big!   It is not one, not two, but THREE large teardrop-shaped diamonds.  This ring has been the subject of heated conversation among my friends.   Here are the things we have been talking about:

1. Can it possibly be real?   This person is not a celebrity and her fiance is an awesome, regular guy - could it be that it is a CZ? And if it is, is there really anything wrong with that?   Discuss.

2. In every photo on Facebook, she seems to be pushing her ring back to the top of her finger because it is always falling to the side - what should she do? 

3.  Is a ring less fabulous if it looks too big on a woman's hand?  Our group was split on this one - some said a ring that fits your hand - and your personality is high on the list of engagement ring musts - and others said give me more!

3. Is it more difficult to get insurance?  This is an interesting question that we didn't know the answer to. When you buy a piece of jewelry that costs more than an average house, your next stop should definitely be an insurance agent - but are they less likely to insure a big ring - particularly if you are in a city and riding public transportation - without a bodyguard? Comment.

My girlfriends and I love our bling - and we definitely didn't all agree - some think that bigger is definitely better - and others prefer a more delicate look.  But we did all agree that at the end of the day - you have to do what suits you! 

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