Engagement Rings:  Unusual or Traditional?

Princess Catherine's sapphire ring is truly a reflection of the latest trend in engagement rings – Princess Diana was way ahead of the curve.  For years the diamond solitaire has been THE symbol that says engagement because of an amazing marketing campaign from the diamond industry.  It has not only become a tradition – but almost an obligation (and a beautiful one!).  The good news for those who like to buck tradition – times are definitely changing.  I personally love the originality that comes with a colored center stone.  Maybe because my wonderful husband gave me a beautiful ring with a yellow diamond in the center – or maybe because I have always been the girl who liked the traditional with a twist. 

Princess Diana's beautiful sapphire and diamond ring, on her and on Princess Catherine.

In addition to Princess Catherine and me – there is a trend with celebrities deviating from tradition. When Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez, he did it with a huge pink diamond that soon after became all the rage. Then of course there’s the canary diamond (like mine), which popular country star Carrie Underwood accepted for her engagement. When Carmen Electra got engaged to Rob Patterson, a guitarist for Korn, her new diamond was…wait for it….BLACK.   


I know!  She looks happy!  Black may be an engagement ring color I wouldn’t embrace – but I do respect the uniqueness of the choice.

Like Princess Catherine, celebrities have also started to go outside even the colored diamond box.  Halle Berry has an emerald from hottie Olivier Martinez and Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring with Eric Johnson is a ruby offset by diamonds.

It is a refreshing break to see people putting a little more thought and originality into these engagement rings. In addition to adding color to their main stones, many brides-to-be (or the grooms-to-be that are doing the ring shopping) are also playing with an assortment of settings and arrangements – quite the change from the clear solitaire that was so popular just a few years ago.

As a real bonus to those on a budget, most non-diamond stones can run you a lot less than the “girl’s best friend” diamond solitaire and still look fabulous.  Maybe sapphires and emeralds are a savvy girl’s choice.  So what do you think? If a colored gem offers you a unique look, more money in your pocket for a bigger celebration, and still the same symbol of love, would you say yes?

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