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Summer Dress Code: Charity Event

1. Badgley Mischka Draped Cut-Out Dress 2. NUNU Aqua Chalcedony Cocktail Ring 3. Saint Laurent Y Ligne Clutch 4. Zara Ankle Strap Sandal (on sale!) 5. Kendra Scott Turquoise and Mint Earrings

We are excited to start a new series on our blog called "Summer Dress Code"! Whether you live in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Tennessee... anywhere, the question every woman has day-to-day is "What am I going to wear?" - especially as the seasons change. Summer is always filled with picnics in the park, pina coladas on the beach, barbeques in the backyard... the list could go on! Have a specific occasion you need help dressing for? E-mail here, and you could be the inspiration for our next post.

One of the many exciting things we get to do at BlingGuard is attend charity events throughout the year! Dressing for a black tie event in the middle of the summer can be challenging, simply because of the heat and humidity. We suggest going for a simple, classic silhouette in a natural, breathable material and add pops of color and/or statement pieces. We love this Badgley Mischka number paired with color-blocked Zara heels and some fun, sparkly accessories! Add in the mint cocktail ring - with a BlingWrap of course - and you're good to go! Keep in mind, fingers swell in the heat and then shrink once you cool down. Don't risk your favorite rings sliding off of your finger - pop a BlingWrap in your clutch just for times like this!

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Wedding Sparkle

1. Auden for J. Crew Devon Earrings 2. BaubleBar Ice Mia Deco Drops  3. BaubleBar Ice Cascade Finge Drops 4. Kendra Scott Kyra Chandelier Earrings 5. BlingGuard BlingDots

It’s your day to sparkle, and in a big way! And we’re not just talking about your new left hand bling. We love the look of statement earrings, but let’s be honest…sometimes they pull and tug and are really hard to wear. How can you make it through the reception without feeling the weight on your ears? BlingGuard completely erases this problem  with BlingDots, innovative and disposable earring supports that relieve the pressure and weight of your earrings AND position them perfectly on your ears.

With BlingDots, your earrings will always look their best in photos, while giving you the comfort and stability you desire.


Now you can look and feel fabulous while dancing the night away!

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Back to Basics

Just like every woman’s wardrobe needs a little black dress, a great pair of jeans, and a comfy cashmere sweater, every woman’s jewelry box needs some staples too. A piece or two (or ten) of costume jewelry is a great way to show off your personal sense of style and to make a statement with an outfit.  There is definitely a time and place for all of those crazy/ fun pieces that you’ve accumulated over the years. 

While costume pieces can liven up your wardrobe, your standard jewelry staples are also an important investment. Trends come and go, but classics – whether hanging in your closet or tucked away in your jewelry box – are forever. Take stock of your neck, wrist, ears, and fingers and see how many of these basic essentials you can check off your list!

Around your neck: The number one all time classic accessory to rock around your neck is, of course, the pearl necklace.  It’s the biggie that every girl strives for from the moment she can swipe them from her mother’s jewelry box (blame it on Jackie O). A strand of pearls around the neck is the most classic look in jewelry that is perfect for pretty much any occasion that calls for a bit of class.  I love them with even just a white T and jeans.

Around your wrists: Pearls can come into play around the wrist as well, but a quality bangle bracelet (we’re not talking 10 for $5 here) is a simple and sexy alternative that’s worth the investment. Collect a few thin ones in silver or gold or just wear one thick bangle as a statement piece. For a more personal, playful approach to your wrist - a charm bracelet can do the trick. And, of course, don’t forget a pretty, classic watch!

In your ears: Hoop earrings, diamond studs, pearls (again). Your hoops can be gold or silver or even diamond.  Hoops are 100% my go-to earring – particularly in the summer – they always feel playful.  Diamond studs are a girls’ best friend, but pearls can be just as great depending on the “sweetness” of your outfit.

On your fingers: Pearls again! Just kidding – the stones have it when it comes to talking with your hands. A simple cocktail ring can say more about you than any other piece of your jewelry. This is the place to bring your own style into the picture and let personality shine.  I have an amazing cocktail ring that was my grandmother’s – it has a vintage look and feel – and always catches the eye.

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Twilight Saga:  Bella’s Engagement Ring

The Twilight Saga comes to a close today with the release of the fifth and final installment of the series:  Breaking Dawn, Part 2.  If you’ve read the books or seen any of the movies, you’ll know that Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) got engaged in part 3 (Eclipse) and married in part 4 (Breaking Dawn, Part 1), and that they are now the proud parents of Renesmee, a human-vampire hybrid.   Breaking Dawn, Part 2 is already breaking records for being the most popular (or at least the biggest pre-seller of tickets) of the series, and critics are saying that it is the most adventurous and exciting.

Let us stop for a moment, though, and discuss Bella’s engagement ring.  This is really a “love it or hate it” moment for Twilight fans, and there has been much discussion about this ring.   In the series, the ring is described this way:

“The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold – delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”

This is the film interpretation:

Personally, I find this ring to be a little too large and a little too….flat.   I’m talking literally flat and oval.   It seems too large for a regular person’s finger, and it doesn’t seem like it would naturally go with a wedding band (which you can actually see in Breaking Dawn, Part 1, when Bella is wearing this ring on her right hand during and after the wedding).

Also, this ring seems like it would be in dire need of a BlingWrap, because it is so big, it would automatically fall to the side.   I’m sure everyone will be watching to see how newly-minted vampire Bella will handle her new life (which includes much more action and crime-fighting than her human life) and how this ring holds up to all that action.  Will she have to push it to the side when she is killing mountain lions?   Will it get in the way when she does hand to hand combat with the Volturri?   Am I the only one wondering how a fictional character will handle their jewelry in a movie adaptation?   The answer is….probably.

Personally, I would have like to have seen the designers take a more traditional interpretation of the engagement ring that is supposed to symbolize the greatest human-vampire love of all eternity.   What’s your opinion?  Do you love it?  Do you hate it?  Do you think it’s going to hamper her when she’s fighting?

Let’s discuss!

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