Kenora Gardner Digs Up Long Lost Ring

A Sioux Narrows man had a happy surprise when a service ring belonging to his father — lost for more than 30 years — was found and returned to him in time for Father's Day.

When Dan Blom was a child, his father received a ring for 25 years of service at a Kenora paper mill and promised to pass it down to his son.

But the ring was lost one day while Blom's father was gardening outside their home.

After 33 years, Blom was sure it was gone for good.


Slighty Too Big Falls Off Womans Finger and Returned

“The ring is slightly too big and because my fingers were cold my first thought was it could have slipped off anywhere” said Suzi.

The polling station was really just a hopeful guess.

“Naturally, the ring has great sentimental value. It means a great deal to me and I was really delighted to get it back when I returned from my holidays.”

Added Suzi: “I would just like to thank everyone at the council who took so much trouble to find the ring and keep it safe until I could reclaim it.”


George Clooney Helped Design Engagement Ring

George Clooney helped design his fiancee's engagement ring. People magazine has obtained a photo of the sparkler the Hollywood star gave to London lawyer Amal Alamuddin. And it said that George helped design the ring, which features an ethically mined emerald-cut diamond and two tapered baguettes set in platinum. George apparently opted for tradition when he proposed on April 22 - going down on bended knee.


Lost Meteorite Ring

When Stephanie Walker talks about the night she met her boyfriend in a Vancouver pub three years ago and the whirlwind romance that followed, her excitement is palpable.

“I just think he’s out of this world!” she exclaims.

It’s fitting, then, that when Christian Kieslinger bought Walker a promise ring a year ago, it was made from a meteorite that touched down in Sweden in 1906. A geologist, Kieslinger had a meteorite ring of his own that Walker had admired.

“It’s metal literally from outer space,” Walker says of her ring, which is composed of nickel and iron and features a small black diamond. “I just always thought it would be a really cool thing for us to share.”

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